I love acoustic music. I play many music instruments in my free time and cajon is one of them. As you probably know, it is a rhytmical/ percussion instrument, which is very suitable for acoustic guitar. Its use in acoustic music has many advantages over the standard drum kit.

In about 12 years of playing this instrument, I have made my own opinion how such a high-quality cajon should sound and on that basis I decided to start making it. Unlike the serial cajons from the shop, I use high-quality materials, precise handmade manufacture and original construction with a tuning mechanism of the snare, which significantly changes the overall character of the sound and allows its full deactivation. The production is largely done by hand. If a power tool is used, then all the energy that enters the production comes only from pure solar energy.

I try to make the final product as tailored to the musician. Especially by choosing the appropriate size of the instrument with respect to the customer figure (height, finger length). Furthermore, by selecting a suitable material for the body and sound board, which can fundamentally affect the color of the sound and the overall weight of the instrument. You can choose from a large number of colors and design accessories. There is a lot … you can just tune any parameter that the customer wants.

The goal is a tailor-made cajon that will be unmistakably unique and will delight the user’s ear 🙂

If you also want to own such a tool, come immerse yourself in the issue of its creation a bit more.