Handpan bags

On request, the hang can be delivered in a beautiful hand-sewn soft transport bag with back straps from the seamstress Zuzka.

You can choose from an almost unlimited amount of fabrics and designs. The look can be to your liking or just let Zuzka creatively tune the cover according to the look of the handpan and your personal style.

I recommend all clients to buy it right at the beginning. Since the hang is an instrument made of very thin steel, you can easily detune it with an insensitive hit. Tuning of handpan is then a very complicated process for several hours. We use 1 cm thick ASPE foam inside the bag, which is impact-resistant. Thicker can be sewn on request.

Careful storage will also significantly extend the instrument life with respect to steel, which likes to corrode in humid environments.

The backpack has adjustable padded back straps for maximum comfort when carrying. It is light and practical for travel.