Custom joinery

My cajons have been playing around the world for a few years now. And so someone here and there noticed that I enjoy working with wood and approached me with a different type of job. And because I really enjoy this job, I always took it. Although I often studied carpentry textbooks more than I worked with my hands 🙂 But it always turned out well, the clients were satisfied and so was I.

So if you are thinking about a wooden accessory for your home, new furniture, doors, windows, a van interior.. just about anything that needs to be made from nice wood to measure. Don’t be afraid to contact me. We will definitely find a way to materialize your idea.

If your idea is in a place where there is no electric current, then this is also not a problem. All the tools I use work on solar rechargeable batteries. I drive the solar panel on the roof of the van. And if it wasn’t even possible to get to the place. It is no problem to pack tools and batteries in a backpack and walk.

Here are some examples of recent work:

I photographed Vendy and Jindra’s wedding 5 years ago. And Jindra contacted me this year, noting that I enjoyed working with wood.
Gradually, a rather complicated project arose to build a bunk bed into their small cottage in the countryside.
Given the size of the space, it came to me as a good idea to make the top bunk fold down to the ceiling. A small living room will be created in the lower part.
Showcase of functions is here:
Material: spruce lumber and joint treated with beeswax and hard wax oil from Osmo. Birch plywood boards.
It was definitely the biggest carpentry project I’ve ever done. And it worked! I’m excited about it and the family looked happy too 🙂

Petr contacted me in the spring with a relatively specific assignment. Treebookshelf 🙂 I liked the idea a lot and at that time my clients canceled me 8 weddings in 14 days because of COVID, so I just kicked my ass.

Thanks a lot to Bára and Pasič for their trust and a chance to focus on what I really enjoy <3

Here is the result that already decorates their Prague household.

Vojta wanted a large computer desk for two. We chose spruce grout treated with oil as the material. The whole creation is decorated with a beech leg from the forests of the Jizera Mountains, which I drove for 3 weeks in the summer fitted to a bike carrier on my van and dried it 🙂

My grandmother has been complaining for several years that the fireplace is not the best. I was asked if I could somehow improve it with wood. So I tried, although working for a family can sometimes be ungrateful. Surprisingly, everyone praised the result 🙂

Petra is a girl who lives a life as diverse as I do. She just doesn’t have a van, so she’s still moving. But she wanted to have some furniture of her own. So we made it extra light and foldable so she could ride everywhere with it 🙂 The wood is a massive Paulownia, which is a really interesting material. Working with it is very different than with common types of wood.