In the north of Bohemia, in a deep valley below the Adrspach – Teplice Rocks, you will find a hidden caravan.
All the products you saw in this presentation are created here or on the road next to my residential van.
All the energy that enters the process comes from sunlight.
From this energy, with great love for one of the most beautiful natural materials, which is wood,
a product is created whose purpose is to spread music as an instrument that unites humanity from the very beginning.

In the cajons, I try to combine my musical, technical and creative abilities to create a product that will bring you joy. And you will spread this joy further through music.

Adršpach Jan Kyncl

Honza "HanZiáš" Kyncl

I became acquainted with wood as a child thanks to my grandfather, who sometimes took me to his cottage and taught me to work with it. But then came the period of studying and creating a career in the business sphere, which I left after 4 years to return to my childhood. I started to play with wood again, learning new techniques and I’m having fun. Unfortunately, without a grandfather, but still with the same enthusiasm.

My main profession is currently photography:

And learning to ski:

Zuzana Dusankova

Zuzka Dušánková

After a wild youth, in recent years I have found again the beauty of handicrafts and creative activities. In fact, as a child, I wanted to be a fashion designer. But it was only with the dolls and several years of training at the elementary art school.

I like handicrafts of all kinds, colors, precision, music and I enjoy being part of a project that gives pleasure to all the senses 🙂