Sale of handpans

Cajon was at one time a rhythmic instrument, to which I devoted myself a lot to music. But because I also play the guitar for a long time, over time I started to feel a greater need for a melody in rhythm. But sometimes it’s too much on the guitar 🙂

Then I discovered a instrument called hang, which immediately got me. It moves on the border between rhythm and melody. And he connects these two things in a harmonious soft sound that almost everyone will appreciate.

During my time playing hang, I’ve tried tools from many manufacturers. It is a relatively expensive instrument. You can get quality for 3 thousand Euro and higher. Recently, however, I met a manufacturer who can produce incredibly high-quality instruments for less than half the price.

This is a handpan Panormus from Italy. They excel in precise hand production. The hang is very well tuned to 440Hz, has a beautifully soft sound and long sustain. It rivals much more expensive instruments.

I arranged a series of hangs with the manufacturer Aaran, which is to be tested by me. This means that you can see them in every way I go. Vysočina, Prague, Adršpach, Czech paradise, Tatras and so on 🙂

Currently available instruments


Available in scales

C amara

C# mystic

C minor

D major

D minor

E minor

F major

F# major

  • 10 tones
  • Diameter: 56 cm, height 26 cm, weight 4 kg (this is a very compact version of this instrument)
  • Material: Thin nitrided steel with anti-corrosion treatment, which really works and the hang does not need as much care as usual
  • Price: 800 EUR
Sound sample Panormus Dm (recorded with cheap dynamic microphone without edit):

Caisa Anomar

Available in scale

C Major

  • 13 tones C dur: A – C – E – G – H – D – H – F – A – C – D – F – E
  • Diameter: 61 cm, height 20 cm
  • Stative holder
  • Material: Thicker nitrided steel with chrome finish
  • Used but in perfect condition
  • Price: 1300 EUR

China made

Available in scale

D minor

  • 9 tones – D3 – A3, Bb3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, A4
  • Diameter: 58 cm, height 28cm, weight 5 kg
  • Material: nitrided steel with anti-corrosion treatment
  • It’s a chinese made instrument, but with good sound (which is not common by chinese production). I tuned the instrument and it plays very nicely
  • Price: 600 EUR