Handpan shop and rental

Cajon was at one time a rhythmic instrument, to which I devoted myself a lot to music. But because I also play the guitar for a long time, over time I started to feel a greater need for a melody in rhythm. But sometimes it’s too much on the guitar 🙂

Then I discovered a instrument called hang, which immediately got me. It moves on the border between rhythm and melody. And he connects these two things in a harmonious soft sound that almost everyone will appreciate.

During my time playing hang, I’ve tried tools from many manufacturers. It is a relatively expensive instrument. You can get quality for 3 thousand Euro and higher. Recently, however, I met a manufacturer who can produce incredibly high-quality instruments for less than half the price.

This is a handpany Panormus from Italy. They excel in precise hand production. The hang is very well tuned to 440Hz, has a beautifully soft sound and long sustain. It rivals much more expensive tools.

I have been cooperating with the manufacturer Aaran for a long time and a series of his hangs is still for sale or rent from me.

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