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We import Panormus handpans from Italy, which excel in precise handmade production. The hang is very well tuned to 440Hz, has a beautifully soft sound and long sustain. It rivals much more expensive instruments.

The instruments can be personally tested in many places in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Vysočina, Prague, Adršpach, Bohemian Paradise, Tatras and others).

It is possible to rent the instrument for a longer period of time – see. our Handpan Rental

If you are interested, contact us.

Currently available instruments


Available in tuning

C amara

C# mystic

C minor

D major

D minor

E minor

F major

F# major

It is also possible to order special tuning on request.


10 tones design – 9 + 1
Diameter: 56 cm, height 26 cm, weight 4 kg (this is a very compact version of this instrument)
Material: Thin nitrided steel with anti-corrosion treatment, which really works and the hang does not need as much care as usual
Price: 650 EUR

Audio sample Panormus Dm (recorded on a cheap dynamic microphone without edit):