Handpan rental

Handpan is a beautiful modern instrument that has undergone great development in the last few years. More and more skilled manufacturers are appearing on the market. But even so, its price is still relatively high.

Do you want to try the instrument before deciding which one to buy? This is not a problem with us.

We offer tool rental for 14 days to a month. Which should give you enough time to make a decision. Then you can decide whether you want to buy it or return it.

Rent for 14 days

Rent for one month

If you are interested, contact us by email, by phone at: +421 944 338 222 or via Whatsapp: +420 722 704 612 and we will agree on the details of the handover.

Currently available instruments


Dolní Cerekev

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10 tones design – 9 + 1
Diameter: 56 cm, height 26 cm, weight 4 kg (this is a very compact version of this instrument)
Material: Thin nitrided steel with anti-corrosion treatment, which really works and the hang does not need as much care as usual
Price: 850 EUR

Audio sample Panormus Dm (recorded on a cheap dynamic microphone without edit):



9-tone design – D3 – A3, Bb3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, A4
Diameter: 58 cm, height 28 cm, weight 5 kg
Material: Steel with anti-corrosion treatment
It ihas a fairly decent sound. I tuned the instrument and it plays very nicely.
Price: 600 EUR